An internet based messaging app similar to WhatsApp

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What i learned while working on this project:

  • How to integrate third party libraries in your app using Cocoapods and Swift Package Manager.
  • How to store data in the cloud using Firebase Firestore.
  • How to query and sort the Firebase database.
  • How to use Firebase for user authentication, registration and login.
  • How to work with UITableViews and how to set their data sources and delegates.
  • How to create custom views using .xib files to modify native design components.
  • How to embed View Controllers in a Navigation Controller and understand the navigation stack.
  • How to create a constants file and use static properties to store Strings and other constants.
  • Learned about Swift loops and how to create animations using loops.
  • Learned about the App Lifecycle and how to use viewWillAppear or viewWillDisappear.
  • How to create direct Segues for navigation.


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