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In case you enter a shady restaurant, with suspicious prices and weird plate descriptions, not being able to verify that the food you ordered is a gyros… Fear no more! I made an app able to classify whether an image contains a gyros or not.

The idea stems from the clip of Jian Yang’s “Hotdog/Not Hotdog” app from the Silicon Valley series. Here’s the clip.

Editor note: The certainty whether this app contributes to society is controversial.

Boring tech details

The pretrained model used was the MLImageClassifier which was fine-tuned using the following custom dataset.

The dataset that was used was a mix of the Food-101 dataset from Kaggle and images of gyros that I downloaded from the internet, mostly from random sources which can be found here.

To split the dataset to Training and Test data I used the bash script. Then I used the CreateML tool to train my model, and finally export it and add it to my XCode project.


Example 1 Example 2
gyros_identifier_example_1 gyros_identifier_example_3


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