H4X0R-News is an iOS app that fetches and displays Hacker News articles from Y Combinator using the hn.algolia.com/api. Users can browse through the list of articles, click on them to view the full content within the app, and stay updated with the latest tech-related news.

Technologies Used

  • SwiftUI: A modern declarative UI framework used to build the app’s user interface.
  • Combine: A framework for handling asynchronous events and data flow.
  • URLSession: Used to make network requests to fetch Hacker News data from the API.
  • JSONDecoder: Used to parse the JSON data received from the API.
  • WKWebView: Used to display the full content of the articles within the app.
  • UIKit: Used for additional UI components and features.


Screenshot 1 Dark Mode Landing Screen Screenshot 2 Redirect to the news article


  • Fetches and displays Hacker News articles using the hn.algolia.com/api.
  • Allows users to browse through the list of articles.
  • Users can click on articles to view their full content within the app using WKWebView.
  • Provides an engaging and responsive user interface using SwiftUI.
  • Utilizes Combine to manage asynchronous data flow and events effectively.


Thanks to Y Combinator for providing the Hacker News API and the community for their support and contributions.

For any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Reading!


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