An application that allows you to use your iPhone as a numpad for a computer! Once configured, a simple QR code scan and you’re good to go !


I made this iOS application because I needed an ad-free iPhone numpad that would allow me to use my iPhone as a numpad for my computer.


Q : How does it work?

A : It works with LAN and node.JS. Make sure your computer and your phone are connected on the same network. Please also follow in-app setup instrinctions

Q : Does it work with macOS or Linux ?

A : Yes ! Windows, macOS and Linux are supported ! (Note : It might not work properly on every linux distro)

Q : Will it be available on the App Store ?

A : Yes, it will be as a free app.

Running server

git clone https://github.com/diyar2137237243/numpad
cd numpad
npm install express robotjs qrcode node-pty iface
node server.js


diyar3 – Numpad UI (touches/faces)

Please note that diyar3 was the original owner of the idea and of the repo. After a missunderstanding on his side, he deleted the repo and left the app developement. He probably won’t work on this app anymore. I still respect his work and still credit him on the github page. He won’t be present in credits after a complete rewrite of his code.



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