Skycast is a mobile iOS application that will allow you to view the weather forecast for your location. Get information about the weather in the place where you are, as well as find and save places that are important to you, so that you always know if you need to take an umbrella with you. IMG_3372

Weather for your geolocation

Allow the app to access your location to get the current weather forecast for the place where you are. On the page with the current forecast, you can get the following weather data:

  • Current weather details
    • Temperature
    • Condition
    • The highest and lowest temperature
    • Weather conditions parameters
  • Hourly forecast
  • Three-day forecast


List of saved locations

On the screen with a list of your locations, you can search for cities where you need to monitor the weather. You can add new cities and view the current weather in them and, if necessary, delete those locations that you do not need. IMG_3376

Search for cities

Find any cities and add them to list of your locations. IMG_3378


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