? MoodMoji

An iOS mood diary for your mental health needs.

What is MoodMoji?

MoodMoji is a mood diary. The app is designed to be use as a log which the user should be updating multiple times per day as they experience their feelings. It features a mood selection pane which allows you to select from a set of predefined moods which describe how you are feeling in a given moment.


  • Mood selection pane with a variety of moods to choose from
  • Mood log notes for describing your emotional state more precisly
  • Adjustable time selection for publishing logs late
  • Chronological mood log display
  • Email button to send the current version of the log to your mental health professional


GNU GPLv3 – This license was picked so that anyone who might want to use this app can do so free of charge.


screenshot of emojis in a grid layout.

screenshot of apps notes section.


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