an open source, pure and minimalistic app which helps you maintain productive habits, and nothing more. The app is completely open source, it does not contain in-app or ads, and does not track the user in any way.


  • Create how many tasks you need to get the job done and feel good with yourself
  • Write additional notes for each task completion
  • Set reminder notifications for each task
  • Toggle reminder notifications for specific days of the week
  • Monitor your progress with simple and intuitive graphs
  • Complete tasks directly from your Apple Watch
  • Synchronise your data on iCloud

App Store version

If you can’t build it yourself and/or you want to support me, you can buy it from the AppStore for a coffee:


This is the first of a series of apps I want to make in order to have a set of pure apps for specific tasks.

In order to give the final user the best experience I want to keep those app:

  • essential without useless feature with the only goal to justify a higher price
  • without any limitation
  • without ads
  • without micro transactions
  • without any form of data collections and tracking