StackOv 2020

A SwiftUI Stackoverflow client

AppStore platforms iOS | iPadOS | macOS License

We are currently in the developing process of the next version of StackOv app.

The demo version of StackOv is available in the AppStore as just a small StackOverflow reader.


  • SwiftGen is the necessary dependency of this project. If you have homebrew installed then just call brew install swiftgen.
  • Open the project and build the StackOv (iOS) target.


We have two types of issue templates. Use the feature request, if you are ready to clarify your idea or task; use the bug report, if you want to provide a bug.

Don’t hesitate to discuss with us your ideas and to ask questions, we have the discussion room for this.
If you are ready to start work on some issue then go ahead, please just find the for your consideration.