It acts similar to apps sliding behaviours in App store. There are both Objective-C (do not update anymore since v1.3) and Swift version available and they perform exactly the same function, please find whichever you like.

Please note that the gif is not from the sample project.

Please note that from now on, the objective-C source won't be updated anymore as I have been using Swift for all my works totally.




Install using one of the following options:

  1. Download the source from "Source" folder and drag into your project.

  2. Using CocoaPods


    pod 'ASHorizontalScrollView', '~> 1.5.1'


    pod 'ASHorizontalScrollViewForObjectiveC', '~> 1.3'
  3. Using Carthage


    github "terenceLuffy/AppStoreStyleHorizontalScrollView" ~> 1.5.1

How to use it?

Please check in here (updated for v1.5, please check sample project for usage)


1.0: Initial release

1.1: Change to adapt iOS 9 and Swift 2.1

1.2: Change C style code to Swift 3 compatible code, fix removeItemAtIndex last index crash bug

1.3: Supoort Swift 3 and XCode 8, add support to nib file

1.4: Add custom width when judging whether to scroll to next item; add support to all Apple devices screen size, now you can specified different mini margin, mini appear width and left margin for all sorts of screen sizes.

1.5: Introduce new properties to allow set number of items per screen for multiple screen sizes instead of setting minimum margins, as well as new properties to center subviews when items are not wide enough to use whole screen width

1.5.1: Add checking on items size before removing all items to avoid crash

iOS Supported Version

iOS 8.0 or above.


The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (C) 2014-2017 WEIWEI CHEN