Asset Catalog Viewer

With the Asset Catalog Viewer Mac app, you can browse and export various type of renditions in an asset catalog.


  • Browse renditions in a grid view or in a list view
  • Navigate the renditions by asset type and asset name via the sidebar
  • Easy switching between light mode and dark mode
  • Fast, full-size preview of the renditions by pressing space bar
  • Export all or selective renditions in the asset catalog file
  • Quick search by rendition name or asset name
  • Sort renditions by their attributes
  • QuickLook preview extension

Supported Rendition Types

  • Image, Image Set, and Icon
  • PDF Vector
  • SVG Vector
  • Raw Data
  • Color


If you like this app, please consider donating to the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund. The main object of the Fund is to provide financial assistance for humanitarian relief, including: medical treatment, psychological counselling, legal advice and representation and related hardship to those who are injured, arrested or affected during Anti–Extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB) protests.