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AVPlayer control and monitoring made easy

AVPlayer control and monitoring made easy


AVPlayer control made easy.

- VideoPlayerControl
- VideoPlayerMonitor

Features (Including Example)

work in progress

  • [x] Play/Pause
  • [x] Seek
  • [x] Background Playback
  • [x] Background AirPlay
  • [x] Built-in player MonitorView for debugging
  • [x] allows recording or not (defaults to no)
  • [x] fundamental player state observables (e.g. rate, periodicTime, duration..)
  • [ ] any loading state observable
  • [ ] Cross-viewcontroller AirPlay (will be in Example soon)
  • [ ] Picture-in-Picture (will be in Example soon)


Initializing AVPlayer

Observe VideoPlayer.player: Single<AVPlayer> to get AVPlayer instance.

Monitor and Control state

Do not write player?.pause() any more.

Encrypted contents

VideoPlayerFactory initializer accepts AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate.
Set your instance which handles EXT-X-KEY methods.

Handling Errors



You can simulate player behavior by yourself to improve test coverage of your app.

Build Example

  1. Make sure your default xcode-select -p points at correct Xcode version.

  2. Run following

    carthage bootstrap --platform iOS
  3. Open Example.xcodeproj