Basic iOS app template for Integrate Branch Day.

How to prepare for Integrate Branch Day:

  1. Install Xcode via Self Service
  2. Download this repo
  3. Open the BuildAnAppDayTemplate.xcodeproj
  4. Run the app on the simulator or your own device
  5. If the app template app runs fine, then you’re all set!

How to build you app:

  1. (Optional) Change the name of your project by following this guide..
  2. Use the Branch Docs to integrate the SDK. I reccomend using Swift Package Manager, but feel free to use any of the installation methods.
  3. Choose any API you find interesting to add to your app. Here’s a solid list.
  4. Integrate the API into your app by setting the apiURL variable to the API’s base url.
  5. Change the DataModel.swift file to fit your API’s JSON. QuickType makes this process easier. Also, here’s a resource for doing it manually.
  6. Modify the last tableView function to display you API’s data however you’d like.
  7. Use the Branch Docs to create, share, and read a deeplink to your app.

The project’s code contains comments to help you along with building as well. Best of luck!