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How to run the project

  1. go to flutter main project fold and build flutter pages for iOS. From the CLI, run:

cd kalshi_flutter
flutter build ios
  • since we don’t need to run on iOS devices for now, just ignore the errors:

It appears that your application still contains the default signing identifier.
Try replacing 'com.example' with your signing id in Xcode:
  open ios/Runner.xcworkspace
Encountered error while building for device.
  1. go to flutterIntegration main project folder and install necessary dependencies. From the CLI, run:

cd ../
pod install
  1. open KalshiFlutterIntegration.xcworkspace, select the appropriate iOS simulator and run

The overall VC tree

        |                      |                      |                       |
KSDrawerViewController  presentingContainer  UINavigationController  UINavigationController
                               |                      |                       | 
                        UINavigationController  KSTabHomeViewController  KSTabFlutterViewController

The responsibilities of each VC

  1. KSRootTabBarController is the central hub of the application:

    • open / close left drawer
    • present / dismiss model flutterVC
    • container for KSTabHomeViewController and KSTabFlutterViewController
  2. KSDrawerViewController is the left drawer

    • it communicates to KSRootTabBarController with KSDrawerViewControllerListener to open/close modelFlutterViewController and close itself
  3. presentingContainer is just a transparent VC and pass touch event down to parent

    • it is responsible to present the full screen modal flutter vc
  4. KSModalFlutterViewController is the full screen presented modal flutter vc

    • it commicates to KSRootTabBarController with KSModalFlutterViewControllerListener to open left drawer and close itself
  5. KSTabHomeViewController is the content VC of first tab

    • it communicates to KSRootTabBarController with KSTabHomeViewControllerListener to open drawer and present full screen modal flutter vc
  6. KSTabFlutterViewController is the cotent VC of second tab

    • it communicates to KSRootTabBarController with KSTabFlutterViewControllerListener to open left drawer


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