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Better payment user experience library with cool animation in Swift

Better payment user experience library with cool animation in Swift


Better payment user experience library with cool animation in Swift.



🌟 Features

  • [x] Easily usable
  • [x] Simple Swift syntax
  • [x] Cool flip animation
  • [x] Compatible with Carthage
  • [x] Compatible with CocoaPods
  • [x] Customizable
  • [x] Universal (iPhone & iPad)
  • [x] Lightweight readable codebase
  • [x] And More...

📲 Installation

Using CocoaPods

Edit your Podfile and specify the dependency:

pod "YRPayment"

Using Carthage

Edit your Cartfile and specify the dependency:

github "yassram/YRPayment"

🐒 How to use

In 4 steps:

1. Import YRPayment.

import YRPayment

2. Create a YRPaymentCreditCard instance and link it to a YRPayement instances:

let card = YRPaymentCreditCard()
let payment = YRPayment(creditCard: card)

3. Add your card to a view and set its position:

card.centerXAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.centerXAnchor).isActive = true
card.centerYAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.centerYAnchor).isActive = true

4. link your textFields to the payment object:

payment.numberTextField = NumberTF
payment.holderNameTextField = NameTF
payment.validityTextField = ValidityTF
payment.cryptogramTextField = cryptoTF

(Assuming that NumberTF, NameTF, ValidityTF, cryptoTF are textField alrready created)

5. Enjoooooooy !

🔍 Extracting data from the credit card

To extract data from the credit card :

  1. Credit card number :
  1. Credit card holder name :
  1. Credit card validity :
  1. Credit card cryptogram

🎨 Customization : (more features are coming soon)

💳 Customizing the credit card type (Symbole):

When creating your creditCard instance (as seen before 👆) MasterCard is default:

let card = YRPaymentCreditCard()

you can specify the symbole you want from the available types:

let card = YRPaymentCreditCard(type: .masterCard)

or specify a custom one by uploading your own image symbole:

let image = UIImage(named: "mySymboleImage")!
let card = YRPaymentCreditCard(type: .custom(image))


More types are coming soon

🕹 Enable/Disable flip on user tap:

// Enable
payment.flipOnClick = true

// Disable
payment.flipOnClick = false