Kicking Off Hacktoberfest with ACM-VIT!

Sticky Links

Save link of your favourite websites, articles, videos and pretty much anything!





This is a simple to do app, wherein you save links to your favourite websites, videos and articles built using swift. Users can add new links, categorise them and view them inside the app itself.

To the Contributors, run the project, add new features, improve UI and database!

Don’t forget to add your name and details under Contributors. Happy Coding!

Please consider leaving a ⭐ if you like the repository and our organisation ?

Submitting a Pull Request

  • Fork the repository by clicking the fork button on top right corner of the page
  • Clone the target repository. To clone, click on the clone button and copy the https address. Then run
git clone
  • Go to the cloned directory by running
cd Sticky\ Links  
  • Create a new branch. Use
 git checkout -b [YOUR-BRANCH-NAME]
  • Make your changes to the code. Add changes to your branch by using
git add .
  • Commit the chanes by executing
git commit -m "your msg"
  • Push to remote. To do this, run
git push origin [YOUR-BRANCH-NAME]
  • Create a pull request. Go to the target repository and click on the “Compare & pull request” button. Make sure your PR description mentions which issues you’re solving.
  • Wait for your request to be accepted.

Guidelines for Pull Request

  • Avoid pull requests that :
    • are automated or scripted
    • that are plagarized from someone else’s branch
  • Do not spam
  • Project maintainer’s decision on validity of PR is final.

For additional guidelines, refer to participation rules

Steps to run the project

  • clone your fork
  • open the file Hacktoberfest iOS.xcodeproj
  • run the project ( shortcut: ⌘ R)


Lets get started!

git remote add origin
git pull origin main