Configurable animated onboarding screen written programmatically in Swift for UIKit – inspired by many Apple-designed user interfaces in iOS – with Insignia as an example.

Designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 13 or higher. Portrait mode only. Supports Dynamic Type, VoiceOver and Reduce Motion.

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Dynamic Type VoiceOver Reduce Motion


Swift Package Manager

To install UIOnboarding as a package, add https://github.com/lascic/UIOnboarding.git in the package manager in Xcode (under File/Add Packages…) and select the main branch.

Demo Project Download

There is a demo project with and without SPM in the Demo directory: Demo/UIOnboarding Demo and Demo/UIOnboarding Demo SPM. You can download them as a .zip file to run it on a physical device or simulator in Xcode.
Before building and running the project, make sure to set it up with your own provisioning profile.


Make sure the view controller you’re presenting from is embedded in a UINavigationController. OnboardingViewController is presented as a full screen view.

Setting up the
takes a UIOnboardingViewConfiguration
as the parameter.

//In the view controller you're presenting
import UIOnboarding

let onboardingController: UIOnboardingViewController = .init(withConfiguration: .setUp())
onboardingController.delegate = self
navigationController?.present(onboardingController, animated: false)

Dismiss the onboarding view with the provided delegate method.

extension ViewController: UIOnboardingViewControllerDelegate {
    func didFinishOnboarding(onboardingViewController: UIOnboardingViewController) {
        onboardingViewController.modalTransitionStyle = .crossDissolve
        onboardingViewController.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)


UIOnboardingViewConfiguration consists of five components.

  1. App Icon as UIImage
  2. Welcome Title as NSMutableAttributedString
  3. Core Features as Array<UIOnboardingFeature>
  4. Notice Text as UIOnboardingTextViewConfiguration (e.g. Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)
  5. Continuation Title as UIOnboardingButtonConfiguration

In a helper struct UIOnboardingHelper we define these components and combine them in an extension of UIOnboardingViewConfiguration.


import UIOnboarding

struct UIOnboardingHelper {
    //App Icon
    static func setUpIcon() -> UIImage {
        return Bundle.main.appIcon ?? .init(named: "onboarding-icon")!

    //Welcome Title
    static func setUpTitle() -> NSMutableAttributedString {
        let welcomeText: NSMutableAttributedString = .init(string: "Welcome to \n",
                                                           attributes: [.foregroundColor: UIColor.label]),
            appNameText: NSMutableAttributedString = .init(string: Bundle.main.displayName ?? "Insignia",
                                                           attributes: [.foregroundColor: UIColor.init(named: "camou")!])
        return welcomeText

    //Core Features
    static func setUpFeatures() -> Array<UIOnboardingFeature> {
        return .init([
            .init(icon: .init(named: "feature-1")!,
                  title: "Search until found",
                  description: "Over a hundred insignia of the Swiss Armed Forces – each redesigned from the ground up."),
            .init(icon: .init(named: "feature-2")!,
                  title: "Enlist prepared",
                  description: "Practice with the app and pass the rank test on the first run."),
            .init(icon: .init(named: "feature-3")!,
                  title: "#teamarmee",
                  description: "Add name tags of your comrades or cadre. Insignia automatically keeps every name tag you create in iCloud.")

    //Notice Text
    static func setUpNotice() -> UIOnboardingTextViewConfiguration {
        return .init(icon: .init(named: "onboarding-notice-icon")!,
                     text: "Developed and designed for members of the Swiss Armed Forces.",
                     linkTitle: "Learn more...",
                     link: "https://www.lukmanascic.ch/portfolio/insignia",
                     tint: .init(named: "camou"))

    //Continuation Title
    static func setUpButton() -> UIOnboardingButtonConfiguration {
        return .init(title: "Continue",
                     backgroundColor: .init(named: "camou")!)


import UIOnboarding

extension UIOnboardingViewConfiguration {
    //UIOnboardingViewController init
    static func setUp() -> UIOnboardingViewConfiguration {
        return .init(appIcon: UIOnboardingHelper.setUpIcon(),
                     welcomeTitle: UIOnboardingHelper.setUpTitle(),
                     features: UIOnboardingHelper.setUpFeatures(),
                     textViewConfiguration: UIOnboardingHelper.setUpNotice(),
                     buttonConfiguration: UIOnboardingHelper.setUpButton())



Swiss Armed Forces Insignia from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/ch/app/abzeichen/id1551002238.



Icon Usage Rights

Some in-app assets provided for this demo project are part of Insignia.

© 2021 Copyright Lukman Aščić. All rights reserved.


Contributions to UIOnboarding are more than welcome! Please file an issue or submit a pull request.


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