Numbers Animation

Cool Numbers Animation in iOS written in Swift.


Numbers animation allows you to click on different numbers and accordingly it will animate numbers in a cool way. It has very attractive UI and is very easy to use.

Animation used

  1. UIView.animate(withDuration: , delay: , options: .curveEaseInOut, animations: , completion: )
  2. CGAffineTransform(scaleX: , y: )
  3. CGAffineTransform(translationX: , y: )
  4. UIView.transition(with: , duration: , options: .transitionFlipFromRight, animations: , completion: )

How to add in your project

  1. Clone or download the repo
  2. After it, drag and drop all files to your project
  3. Run your project and see the animation


  1. Xcode 12 or later
  2. Supports iOS 13 or later
  3. Supports iPhone SE 1st Generation or later