cardmaster is a credit card churning visionOS application, built for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro at HackHarvard 2023 at Harvard University. You can read more about our project on the DevPost link here or the website here or on YouTube here. This project uses the following technologies:

Frontend (this repository): Swift, SwiftUI, VisionOS, RealityKit, Alamofire, MVVM design

Backend (nested submodules): Python, NumPy, Bitarray, Flask, Scikit Learn, Pandas, Cohere, Docker

Database: Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Installation and Usage

cardmaster is free to clone and use, with the following command.

git clone

We have a total of 5 other repositories that contain the backend code and website for cardmaster. Please see also here:


main wishlist financeadv


Mingchung Xia (University of Waterloo)

Luke Wang (McGill University)

Cynthia Shen (University of Waterloo)

Inesh Tickoo (Ohio Wesleyan University)


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