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Darker allows you to dim your screen beyond the last screen brightness beam.

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You will need macOS 10.10 or newer. Download and unzip the tar.gz from latest release.

Alternatively, you can compile Darker from source by running make.

Or call the script directly (swift src/main.swift) without building an app bundle.



There are a number of other tools in the AppStore that do exactly the same. So why bother in creating a new solution? Well, previously I used QuickShade and was happy with it. But I moved away from the AppStore and this was my last application that was only available via AppStore. I asked the developer if the source code is available but got no reply. So, thats why you have this open source project now ?

The app is just a wrapper around a single code line (CGSetDisplayTransferByTable) and was finished in just half a day. Enjoy.


You can either run the main.swift file directly with swift main.swift, via Terminal ./main.swift (chmod 755 main.swift), or create a new Xcode project. In Xcode, select the Command-Line template and replace the template provided main.swift with this one.


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