Default workouts are beginner/intermediate calisthenics exercises

Displays the workout day (Pull Day, Push Day, Leg Day, Rest Day), inline, on lockscreen, based on the day of the week. Supports inline lockscreen, small, medium, and large widgets.

Inlcudes stopwatch. Any edits made to a workout will be saved for the next day (if you edit Pull Day on Monday, it will be saved on Thursday as well). Widgets are refreshed when the save button is pressed in settings, saving the new workout (Only really significant for large widget that displays the workout of the day).

Motivation button: Unsplash API is used for random image search. Default search query is “kittens”. Click or tap on image to find new image, or toggle the motivation button off and back on.

Changes automatically based on the day of the week.

Default Values:
Monday & Thursday: Pull Day
Tuesday & Friday: Push Day
Wednesday & Saturday: Leg Day
Sunday: Rest Day

inlineLockscreenWidget smallWidgetAndApp largeAndSmallWidget


Updates coming soon:

  • More customizability, keeping the default calisthenics exercises but adding:

    • option to reorder workout week (ex. Move Pull Day to Tuesday & Friday, swapping with Push Day)
    • option to separate the days (ex. Make Monday Pull Day and Thursday Rest Day)
    • option to rename workout days (ex. rename ‘Leg Day’ to ‘Cardio’)
    • option to add more workout days (Up to 7 maximum different workouts, one per day)


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