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Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS

Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS


Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS

Swift 3.0, iOS 8+


  • Customizable slices
  • Add overlays using simple UIViews
  • Interactive
  • Animated
  • Dynamic slice insertion
  • Reusable components via extensible layer system
  • Configurable in interface builder
  • Legends. This is in a separate project to keep things focused and reusable.



Add to your Podfile:

pod 'PieCharts'


Add to your Cartfile:

github "i-schuetz/PieCharts"


Basic chart:

@IBOutlet weak var chartView: PieChart!

chartView.models = [
    PieSliceModel(value: 2.1, color: UIColor.yellow),
    PieSliceModel(value: 3, color: UIColor.blue),
    PieSliceModel(value: 1, color: UIColor.green)

Configurable in interface builder, with live update of the view:



Overlays are implemented using layers. There are several built in layers and you also can implement your own ones.

To add text e.g. text labels inside the slices + text with lines outside, simply:

chartView.layers = [PiePlainTextLayer(), PieLineTextLayer()]

Each layer has its own customization options. For example, here we customize the plain labels layer:

let textLayerSettings = PiePlainTextLayerSettings()
textLayerSettings.viewRadius = 55
textLayerSettings.hideOnOverflow = true
textLayerSettings.label.font = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 8)

let formatter = NumberFormatter()
formatter.maximumFractionDigits = 1
textLayerSettings.label.textGenerator = {slice in
    return formatter.string(from: slice.data.percentage * 100 as NSNumber).map{"\($0)%"} ?? ""

let textLayer = PiePlainTextLayer()
textLayer.animator = AlphaPieViewLayerAnimator()
textLayer.settings = textLayerSettings

This is the custom views layer, which makes possible to create custom views:

let viewLayer = PieCustomViewsLayer()

let settings = PieCustomViewsLayerSettings()
settings.viewRadius = 135
settings.hideOnOverflow = false
viewLayer.settings = settings

viewLayer.viewGenerator = {slice, center in
    let myView = UIView()
    // add images, animations, etc.
    return myView

Interactivity, events:

Conform to PieChartDelegate to react to interaction and other events:

func onGenerateSlice(slice: PieSlice)
func onStartAnimation(slice: PieSlice)
func onEndAnimation(slice: PieSlice)
func onSelected(slice: PieSlice, selected: Bool)

Dynamic slice insertion:

chartView.insertSlice(index: 1, model: PieSliceModel(value: 5, color: UIColor.blue))