Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS

Swift 3.0, iOS 8+


  • Customizable slices
  • Add overlays using simple UIViews
  • Interactive
  • Animated
  • Dynamic slice insertion
  • Reusable components via extensible layer system
  • Configurable in interface builder
  • Legends. This is in a separate project to keep things focused and reusable.



Add to your Podfile:

pod 'PieCharts'


Add to your Cartfile:

github "i-schuetz/PieCharts"


Basic chart:

@IBOutlet weak var chartView: PieChart!

chartView.models = [
    PieSliceModel(value: 2.1, color: UIColor.yellow),
    PieSliceModel(value: 3, color: UIColor.blue),
    PieSliceModel(value: 1, color: UIColor.green)

Configurable in interface builder, with live update of the view:



Overlays are implemented using layers. There are several built in layers and you also can implement your own ones.

To add text e.g. text labels inside the slices + text with lines outside, simply:

chartView.layers = [PiePlainTextLayer(), PieLineTextLayer()]

Each layer has its own customization options. For example, here we customize the plain labels layer:

let textLayerSettings = PiePlainTextLayerSettings()
textLayerSettings.viewRadius = 55
textLayerSettings.hideOnOverflow = true
textLayerSettings.label.font = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 8)

let formatter = NumberFormatter()
formatter.maximumFractionDigits = 1
textLayerSettings.label.textGenerator = {slice in
    return formatter.string(from: slice.data.percentage * 100 as NSNumber).map{"\($0)%"} ?? ""

let textLayer = PiePlainTextLayer()
textLayer.animator = AlphaPieViewLayerAnimator()
textLayer.settings = textLayerSettings

This is the custom views layer, which makes possible to create custom views:

let viewLayer = PieCustomViewsLayer()

let settings = PieCustomViewsLayerSettings()
settings.viewRadius = 135
settings.hideOnOverflow = false
viewLayer.settings = settings

viewLayer.viewGenerator = {slice, center in
    let myView = UIView()
    // add images, animations, etc.
    return myView

Interactivity, events:

Conform to PieChartDelegate to react to interaction and other events:

func onGenerateSlice(slice: PieSlice)
func onStartAnimation(slice: PieSlice)
func onEndAnimation(slice: PieSlice)
func onSelected(slice: PieSlice, selected: Bool)

Dynamic slice insertion:

chartView.insertSlice(index: 1, model: PieSliceModel(value: 5, color: UIColor.blue))