InstantSearch iOS: Examples

InstantSearch iOS is a library providing components and helpers to help you build the best instant-search experience on iOS with Algolia. It is built on top of Algolia's Swift API Client to provide you a high-level solution to quickly build various search interfaces.


We have built a demo application to give you an idea of what you can build with InstantSearch iOS:

Search as you type experience


  • Search results updated on each keystroke

Single index search


  • Search as you type experience
  • Search a movie by title, actor or year
  • Infinite scrolling of search results

Multi index search


Example of a multi-index search interface.

  • Multi-Index table showcasing results from different indices (movies and actors)
  • Uses the same index for movies as single index example, but presents results differently (horizontal scrolling)
  • Independent infinite scrolling for both hits views

Search for facets


Example of a facet search interface.

  • Search as you type experience
  • Presentation of selected facets

Sorting results


Example of sorting movies by year attribute.