Veryfi Lens Headless

Veryfi Lens Headless is a framework for your mobile app to give it document capture superpowers in minutes.

Let Veryfi handle the complexities of frame processing, asset preprocessing, edge routing, and machine vision challenges in document capture. We have been at this for a long time and understand the intricate nature of mobile capture. That’s why we built Lens. Veryfi Lens is built by developers for developers; making the whole process of integrating Lens into your app fast and easy with as few lines as possible.

Veryfi Lens is a Framework: a self-contained, reusable chunks of code and resources you can import into you app.

Lens Headless is built in native code and optimized for fast performance, clean user experience and low memory usage.

You can read further about Lens in Veryfi’s dedicated page:

Veryfi Lens Headless iOS Example


Other Lens iOS Examples

This is an example of how to use Veryfi Lens Credit Cards in your app, you can find the developer documentation here. You can find five example projects, which are the five versions of Lens that we currently offer:


  • Clone this repository
  • Make sure your SSH key has been granted access to Veryfi’s private Cocoapods repository here
  • Also make sure your SSH key has been added to ssh-agent by running this command in the Terminal: ssh-add -K /path/to/private_key
  • Run pod install
  • Replace credentials in HeadlessCreditCardsViewController.viewDidLoad() with yours

VeryfiLensHeadlessCredentials(clientId: "XXXXXX", // replace XXXXXX with your assigned Client Id
                              username: "XXXXXX", // replace XXXXXX with your assigned Username
                                apiKey: "XXXXXX", // replace XXXXXX with your assigned API Key
                                   url: "XXXXXX") // replace XXXXXX with your assigned Endpoint URL
  • Run the project on the real device to test Scanning experience

Other platforms

We also support the following wrappers for hybrid frameworks:

If you don’t have access to our Hub, please contact our sales team, you can find the contact bellow.

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