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Challenge Statement

make an inclusive solution that help people in technology

Solution Concept

A solution that takes care of the health of body and senses for workers and students who need to use technology regularly so that it maintain their physical health

App Description

Do you stare at screens all day? Do you have dry eyes, eye strain, headache or blurry vision! eyeTick will help you by following the 20-20-20 rule: it’s a simple timer

  • for every 20min work on screen
  • the alarm will ring to give you 20sec to rest your eyes
  • and look away from the screen for 20ft away and give your beautiful eyes the break they deserve.

Technologies & Tools

swiftui and avfoundation

Demo of eyeTick

Image 21-06-1444 AH at 12 46 PM


Challenge Summary

we want to make an inclusive solution that help people in technology. The first thing that we ask ourselves was what are the problem that people faced with technology?. unfortunately , what was surprising us is the following  fact : the technology effects our health especially the worker and student. In the other hand , Some of the users of computer technologies are not even aware of their health-related problems that they have. So , we decide to find a way which contribute to take care of health of body and senses. From this passion we start our story with eyeTick which  helps an employee who works for long hours on computer to reduce their eye strain by following the 20 20 20 rule to rest their eyes. At the end of this challenge we so happy with all the rich information that we gain about localization and accessibility and we are so happy to Make Someone’s Life Easier. ( sarah and nourah)


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