Bright XDR

BrightXDR is a proof-of-concept implementation that demonstrates how to upscale display content to XDR/HDR extra brightness on macOS. This is a demo showing one of possible implementations. The display is brighter compared to Vivid.

The main idea behind this project is to provide an open source and free-to-use alternative to existing apps that offer similar functionality for a price of up to €20. I believe that everyone should have access to powerful tools that enhance their display experience, regardless of their budget.


The app uses MetalKit to overlay the CIImage with a transparent color in EDR color space over the display windows while applying color blending filter.


Screen captured on maximum system brightness with Apple XDR (P3-1600 nits) display preset.

Window Split View
Screenshot Screenshot2


Supported devices: Apple MacBook Pro with 14 or 16 inches and Apple Pro Display XDR.


  • Mission Control & Spaces
    • HDR brightness disabled during switching between Spaces.
    • White screen can appear on desktop or Spaces previews (thumbnails).


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