Warning : Work In Progress, KuraKani for iOS is currently in development phase and not yet ready for use. Check back later, contributions are welcome.


KuraKani is a fantastic, free and fully open-source ChatGPT app for iOS. Boredom and cups of coffee, which amazing people bought for me for my previous opensource projects, motivated me to create an open-source version of this app.

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? Why KuraKani?

You might wonder, with wayy too many ChatGPT apps already available, why add another one to the mix? Well, let’s address some common concerns about existing apps:

Free and Open-Source: KuraKani breaks away from the norm by offering a completely free and open-source solution.

Aesthetically Pleasing: KuraKani is not just about functionality but also about visual appeal. The app is thoughtfully designed with a friendly interface that enhances your conversation experience.

Personal API Key: Use your own API Key.

Keyboard Extension: Use KuraKani in any appliations using the keyboard extension.

Generate Images: You’ll be able to ask GPT to generate images for you.

Bored: I was bored.

? Future of the App?

On-Device Models iOS hardware is highly capable, and if there is enough demand or once I get my hands on the new iPhone, I plan to incorporate support for the Alpaca and LLaMa models. This means increased power and versatility, allowing you to have even more engaging and personalized conversations.

? How are you planning to monetize this app?

That’s the neat part i don’t


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