KrishnaGPT SwiftUI iOS App

Krishna GPT: This SwiftUI MVVM based app, influenced by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, provides answers with a spiritual perspective to help you uncover hidden truths. Get your answers in 6 different languages English, Hindi, French, German, Madarin and Spanish.

This project offers an AI-powered online Bhagavad Gita experience. Based on the 18 chapters and 700 shlokas, it provides moral, strength, discipline, and spiritual guidance to help alleviate Arjuna’s troubles.


The leaked model had been removed by OpenAI. Until a new model is found, i’ll use the default text-davinci-003

Supported Platforms

  • iOS 15 and above


  • Xcode 14
  • Register for API key from OpenAI
  • Create API Key
  • Paste API key in KrishnaGPTApp file where the ChatGPTAPI instance is declared
let api = ChatGPTAPI(apiKey: "API_KEY")

How it works

This initiative employs the OpenAI GPT-3 API, specifically the text-davinci-003, in a streaming manner. It formulates a prompt based on the user’s input and the desired format, then forwards it to the GPT-3 API. The received response is then streamed back to the app.


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