FlowerChart - custom chart written in Swift

Fully vector flower-shaped chart written in Swift.

Flower-shaped chart written in Swift, this repo is a sample project you can build directly on your iPhone. The charts generated are fully vector and scale without any rasterization and annying pixels. Part of the Awesome iOS curated list.


  • [x] Fully vector petals, well adjusted to any screen size
  • [x] Supports any number of petals
  • [x] All petals can be color-coded


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 7.3

Installation & usage


  1. Download and drop FlowerChart.swift in your project.
  2. Congratulations, you are all set!

Usage example

You can set arbitrary number of "petals" for the flower while creating an instance of the FlowerChart class, draw the flower itself with drawFlower method (providing an array of UIColors for petals to look the way you like) and set sizes to them using the setPetalSizes method. Size for each petal has to be a Double 0.0 ..< 10.0 (no failsafe check in place yet, to be added in future releases). In the sample project there is a Refresh button that generates random sizes for all the petals to show how the chart might look like.

To use flower charts in your own project - just add the FlowerChart.swift file to it. You'd need a pre-set UIView which will serve as a canvas for the chart to appear on (just create a basic outlet for it), it's auto-fitted inside the view so no restrictions on its layout.

In the ViewController you need the following properties:

var flowerChart: FlowerChart!
var sizesArray = [Double]()
var colorsArray = [UIColor]()
let totalPetals = 9 // Set any number of petals you need

Ensure sizesArray and colorsArray contain necessary amount of elements to draw the number of petals you need. Create an instance of FlowerChart class on viewDidAppear and set it up in just 4 lines of code:

let flowerChart = FlowerChart(petalCanvas: petalCanvas, totalPetals: totalPetals)
self.flowerChart = flowerChart

Release History

  • 0.1.0
    • The first release, current version


We would love for you to contribute to Flowerchart, check the LICENSE file for more info.