Genome Payment iOS SDK

The Genome Payment iOS SDK makes it quick and easy to build a payment screen in your iOS app. We provide customizable MXPPaymentViewController that can be used out-of-the-box.



ios10, Xcode11, Swift 4.


1. Clone or download repository.

2. Open downloaded project, you should see folders with example, framework binary and source files.

Downloaded project

3. Create or open Xcode iOS project which will use framework.

New project

4. Select binary file.

Binary file

5. In Xcode project create new group, name it “Frameworks” for example.

New group

5. Drag and drop GenomePaymentSdk.frameworks to your project. Do not forget set checkmark to copy files.

Import library in classes
Select 'Copy items if needed'
Copied files

6. Now import GenomePaymentSdk in source file and you will get access to all public objects from framework.

Import library in classes

Integration prebuilt UI

How to use prebuilt UI see here.