Runsquito is the runtime value editing package.



Swift Pacakge Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(name: "Runsquito", path: "", from: "1.1.0")

How to use

Basic usage

Runsquito is runtime value storage.

Runsquito serve default storage. but you can create and manage it self.

To use Runsquito, you should add a Slot into Runsquito.

ValueSlot is decribe under the Slot section.

try Runsquito.default.addSlot(
    ValueSlot<Bool>(description: "This slot is test flag."),
    for: "test-slot"

And add items to serve presets of value.

try Runsquito.default.addItem(
    ValueItem(true, description: "Test slot value `true`."),
    for: "test-slot-true",
    in: "test-slot"

try Runsquito.default.addItem(
    ValueItem(false, description: "Test slot value `false`."),
    for: "test-slot-false",
    in: "test-slot"

Then the slot with key “test-slot” has items true and false.

This work perform recommand once like AppDelegate.

⚠️ Point to note is Type. Slot and Item has the Type of value. So all operations of Runsquito perform validation.
If you add or set value that it’s type doesn’t match to Slot, function throw RunsquitoError.typeMismatch.

If you add any slots, you can get value of slot anywhere.

Runquito.default.value(Bool.self, for: "test-slot")


If you use Runsquito only programmatically, you only need import Runsquito module. and you can make your own view. For your application’s feature flags, test & QA helper, etc…

If you need Runsquito value edit views, use RunsquitoKit.

RunsquitoKit has a public ViewController named RunsquitoViewController.

public final class RunsquitoViewController : UINavigationController {
    public init(runsquito: Runsquito = .default)

It serve default features that manage Runsquito. like Screenshot section’s GIF.


Slot is the protocol that manage current value and presets of value.

Runsquito serve three Slot protocol adopt classes.

  • ValueSlot

    ValueSlot is basic slot. It can handle all value of type. but it can’t edit.

  • ParseableSlot

    ParseableSlot is basic editable slot. It can handle Parseable adopt value of type.

    Parseable is protocol for editing. It force implement two functions. encode & decode.

    public protocol Parseable {
        static func encode(_ value: Self) throws -> Data
        static func decode(_ data: Data) throws -> Self

    Primitive type Int, Float, Double, String, Bool already adopt that.

    If you want to use your own parser, you can implement it through adapt Parseable protocol to your models. or define new class that adopt Slot & Editable protocols.

  • CodableSlot

    CodableSlot is custom editable slot. It design for json codable models.

    If you use Codable models, you can use CodableSlot to edit value through Runsquito easyly.


Item is value preset of slot.

Basically you could use ValueItem struct.

I’m getting ready FileItem for instantiate value by read file from bundle.


Any ideas, issues, opinions are welcome.


Runsquito is available under the MIT license.