MVP of mobile applications for job search.

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Project description

The applicaton allows the user to view vacancies, which in tern contain:

  • job description
  • requirments
  • location
  • salary
  • job expereinece
  • name of providing company
  • schedule description

Besides, users are able to see the information of providing company that contains:

  • logo of the company
  • company description
  • location
  • open vacancies

The function of searching for vacancies by key terms or by setting the necessary filters to display the desired requirments is also available

Reason of the project

This project is being developed because the IT industry is rapidly growing and as a Mobile Developer I want to simplify the process of searching for jobs by developing a single mobile platform exclusively for the IT sphere.


  • SwiftUI


To run this project, install it locally using npm:

$ cd ../IType\ App
$ npm install
$ npm start


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