Good News iOS Application Using Machine Learning

The project entails creating an iOS application that uses an API to identify only positive articles. The sentiment analysis inference is performed on the articles’s texts using built-in Natural Language Processing algorithm.


  1. Get the key for a news API Key
  2. Create iOS application using tableView
  3. Create a decodable to parse the API calls
  4. Use Swift’s NLP algorithm on articles’ description
  5. Customize the feed view creating custom Cell
  6. Create a search bar to fetch more news
  7. Implement ‘No Filter’ button to see All the News

Final Result

Extra Feature

In case users may want to see all news including bad ones on a particular topic or in general, there is a button on the top right side.
To go back from bad news to Good News, user should swipe the table view down and refresh it.


Install Xcode 13
Copy and clone the project
Register an API key at
Paste the API Key inside APICaller.swift
Build and run the project

About Me:

Muhammed Raşit ÖnerLinkedIn
This project is a part of my Bachelor Thesis at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.


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