First Stage Zoom & Drag & Radius Crop Camera Click
Image Select Crop Photo Camera Open


image Picker Circle Crop Zoom & Drag Crop
Drag & Drop Ratio Radian Crop


The Corner and Side buttons allow you to modify the position of the crop and UIScrollView to zoom the image. If the image is larger than the area of the UIScrollView, the image can be scrolled up and down, left and right, and if the image is smaller than the area of the UIScrollView, the image is always centered.


If you want to see the CropPickerViewController that is created with ImageCropView, and add access list for ImagePicker “Privacy – Photo Library Usage Description” string – “Please access to photo library” and camera access add list for “Privacy – Camera Usage Description” string – “Please camera open”, see CropPickerController, photo example below –


ImagePickerCropView_Full_App written in Swift 5.7.1. Compatible with iOS 13.1+


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