RealTimePicker is an elegant and customizable time picker written in Swift.

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Platform: iOS 12.0+ Language: Swift 5 CocoaPods compatible License: MIT

RealTimePicker requires iOS 12+ and is compatible with Swift 5 projects.


pod 'RealTimePicker'


RealTimePickerView was designed over UIPickerView and can be customize by your own needs. You can use it to pick time (hour, minute), show current time with seconds and animate as countdown. Simply create RealTimePickerView() in the same way you would expect to present UIPickerView and user as a subview.

let view = RealTimePickerView()
view.rowHeight = 80 // default row height
view.colonLabelFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 40, weight: .bold)
view.timeLabelFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 54, weight: .semibold

Sample App

Check out the Sample App for more complex configurations of RealTimePickerView, including how to change hour format, time components and apply layout constaints.


RealTimePicker is released under a MIT License. See LICENSE file for details.


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