Cooking app

In this exercise applicant should implement a new feature into an existing sample app.

Sample application

A simple application with three screens.

  • Recipes screen – a screen that loads and displays a list of cooking recipes. Cooking recipes have three difficulties easy, normal and hard.
  • Recipe screen – a screen that displays recipe, photo and allows user to mark this recipe as prepared. When user marks recipe as prepared, he specifies if he was successful or not.
  • Attempted recipes screen – a screen that shows recipes that the user has already tried to prepare.

A link to the sample application


  1. Fix a crash in attempted recipes screen. 1 point
  2. Implement table view sections for recipes based on their difficulty. 3 points
  3. Implement cooking recommendations feature into the application. 5 points

Cooking recommendations feature

  • There should be a button in the application that shows a recommended recipe to the user when clicked;
  • Application should select a recommended recipe based on these criteria:
    • If use has never tried any recipe before, app should recommend one of the low difficulty recipes;
    • If user has prepared any recipes before, app should determine his skill level based on the last several tries and recommend a recipe that matches user’s skill level.

Some recommendations for the exercise

  • Do it as a task in a real project;
  • Use design patterns if you think you need to;
  • Unit test if you think you need to;
  • Write comments if you think you need to;


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