Friend Activity for Spotify

iOS app & widget for viewing what your Spotify friends are listening to. Made purely in SwiftUI.

Watch what your friends are listening to & add it to your homescreen. Tap on each friend to open the playlist/album/artist/song in the Spotify app/website.

Private profile pictures and names of friends removed in above screenshots.


  • Dynamically update list of friends in homescreen (every 2 minutes, smooth animations)
  • UI is the same as the official Spotify desktop UI, but remodeled to work on mobile (context menu instead of links)
  • Pure SwiftUI, efficient and fast
  • Pull to refresh
  • Context menu beneath each friend, letting you pick which song/album/artist to open in Spotify
  • Airplane mode detection
  • Enables login through official Spotify website (cookies are read and stored)
  • Cookies stored securely in Keychain
  • Widget automatically updates every 15 minutes (watch your friends’ Spotify activity from your homescreen!)
  • iPad & macOS Catalyst support (rudimentary)
  • Friend profile pictures stored in cache and loaded asynchronously (using NukeUI)

In beta right now, hence debug and errors can be seen everywhere


  • Open in Xcode



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