ios application for getting weather.

The app is getting data from the API: OpenWeather

App description

The app contains two screens:

  1. main screen – shows the weather data of the city
  2. city selection screen – shows a table of cities and, with permission to receive a geolocation, current location. Has a field for entering the name of the city.

Screenshot of the main screen of the application with the output:

  • city / current location
  • temperature, description of the current weather
  • data on low and high temperature, humidity and wind
  • weather for the future with an interval of 3 hours (API)

main Screen

Screenshot of the city selection screen displays:

  • cell location (if allowed by user)
  • city table
  • a field for entering the name of the city with a button for getting the weather

city table screen

Received knowledge

  • API, network
  • architectural pattern MVC
  • TableView
  • UINavigationController
  • CoreLocation
  • UserDefaults


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