A port of the Memoji editor from Xcode 11's iOS Simulator to macOS Catalyst.

What works

  • Launching the Memoji editor

What's broken

  • I can't build this into a working app yet; it only runs inside Xcode for now
  • Massive lag when clicking on anything, as it tries to save the Memoji to a non-existant XPC service
  • For some reason, the Memoji are extremely polygonal - it seems tesselation is broken or turned off?

What will probably never work

  • Face tracking isn't included in the simulator code, so that won't work. (Unless someone wants to reverse engineer and reimplement it?)

How to try this

  • Install Xcode 11.0 on macOS Catalina 10.15
  • Install LLVM from LLVM's releases page
  • Install Python 3
  • cd CopyAvatarFrameworks
  • Create a llvm_path.conf file containing the path to your LLVM installation
  • ./
  • open the project in Xcode
  • Click LaurelmojiCatalyst -> "Edit Scheme" -> "Arguments" -> "Environment Variables"
  • Add:
  • Build and run in Xcode.