Artare ?️

Have you ever wondered why there isnt a social media platform for artists? As an artist myself, I have always wondered that, so I have decided to make one!

There are two parts for this project:

  1. APP – ?
  2. REST API – ?

For this Project, I have…

  • Implemented a social media app with the MVVM architecture for artists to share their thoughts and creations on each other’s works
  • Developed a REST API with Bcrypt.js to securely manage and perform HTTP requests with data validation/transformation, and encryption
  • Delivered high-quality art attachments using Sharp and Multer, up to 100 MB in size
  • Incorporated smooth animations on gestures and light and dark modes for a more engaging user interaction

Let’s look at Artare!

Here is the register page that new users will first encounter ? 1

If user is not new to Artare, they can log in with the Log in button on the welcome page ? 2

This is what the main components of Artare looks like! ? 3

The profile view looks like this ? 4

Here are pages such as search, notifications, and messages! 5

Finally, this is the dark mode version of Artare! 6


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