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MemeMe 1.0

With this first version of MemeMe, students will create an app that enables a user to take a picture, and add text at the top and bottom to form a meme. The user will be able to share the photo on Facebook and Twitter and also by SMS or email.

Why this project?

  • Access the Camera and Photo Album using the UIImagePickerController
  • Understand how Swift optionals, closures, collections, classes, structs and protocols are used in iOS apps
  • Create Actions and Outlets with extremely high proficiency
  • Use a UIActivityViewController to share media with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email
  • Describe the delegate pattern and give a full account of its importance and uses in iOS classes

What will I learn?

  • Becoming comfortable using a variety of UIControls and stock view controllers is an essential step in becoming an iOS developer.
  • Understanding UIKit allows a developer to make educated assumptions about the architecture of apps that they use.
  • Mastering UKit fundamentals frees a developer up to learn model-oriented skills like networking and persistence.


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