A simple framework to load and play sounds in your app.

Supported platforms

This framework is compatible with iOS, ipadOS and TvOS.


  • Import the module in your source file
  • Load a sound once
  • Play the sound as many times as you want without loading the file again

You can use the alias Sounds to manage the library.

Sample code

`import SoundManager

// Load the sound file once
Sounds.loadSound(“My sound”, fileName: “mySampleSound.wav”)
// And play it
Sounds.playSound(“My sound”)
// vibrate your device


This package was developed by Jonathan Chacón .

Please, if you have any question or suggestion you can contact me at Tyflos Accessible Software web site.


Pull requests are welcome. Feel free to create pull requests for any kind of improvements, bug fixes or enhancements. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


This software was published under the MIT license


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