Watch Date Picker

A customizable date picker for watchOS and SwiftUI.


.package(url: "", branch: "main")
import WatchDatePicker


Online documentation is available at


The DatePicker view displays a button with a title and the selected value. When pressed, it presents a sheet with user interfaces for selecting date and time.

Date & Time Mode

DatePicker("Date & Time", selection: $value)

Date Mode

DatePicker("Date", selection: $value, mode: .date, maximumDate: Date())

Time Mode

DatePicker("Time", selection: $value, mode: .time, twentyFourHours: true)

Outside of Lists

Both DatePickerView and TimePickerView can be used independently of DatePicker.

Date Picker View

DatePickerView(selection: $value)
DatePickerView(selection: $value)
  .environment(\.locale, Locale(identifier: "fr"))

Time Picker View

TimePickerView(selection: $value)
  selection: $value,
  selectionIndicatorRadius: 7,
  selectionIndicatorColor: .mint,
  focusColor: .purple,
  amPMHighlightColor: .yellow,
  markSize: CGSize(width: 5.5, height: 3),
  markFill: AnyShapeStyle(Color.white.opacity(0.75)),
  emphasizedMarkSize: CGSize(width: 2, height: 7),
  emphasizedMarkFill: AnyShapeStyle(


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