iOS UITabBar (controller) inspired by Google's Paper Material Design.

Now with smoother animations and more public properties for even easier customization!

BFPaperTabBarController is a subclass of UITabBarController that behaves much like the new paper tab bar from Google's Material Design Labs. All animation are asynchronous and are performed on sublayers. BFPaperTabBarControllers work right away with pleasing default behaviors, however they can be easily customized! The tap-circle color, background fade color, tap-circle diameter, underline color, and underline thickness are all readily customizable via public properties.

By default, BFPaperTabBarControllers use "Smart Color" which will match the tap-circle, background fade, and underline bar colors to the color of the tabBar.tintColor. You can turn off Smart Color by setting the property, .usesSmartColor to NO. If you disable Smart Color, a gray color will be used by default for both the tap-circle and the background color fade. You can set your own colors via: .tapCircleColor and .backgroundFadeColor. Note that setting these disables Smart Color.