app lang switcher alfred workflow

Launch App in selected language, or set as Default language.

usage demo

Credits: This is a swift clone of AlfredWorkflow-App-Language-Switcher by mpco. Due to the latest release of macOS 12.3, python2 has been removed, which broke the original workflow. So I reimplemented this workflow in Swift.



  1. you should have unlocked Powerpack in Alfred
  2. make sure you have swift available in terminal.(If you have Xcode installed, you can skip this step.):
    1. type swift --version in terminal, if you don’t see any version info output, following next step to install it.
    2. type xcode-select --install in terminal to install swift cli tools


download workflow then click the downloaded file to install


  1. choose a app in alfred
  2. press to enter file action menu
  3. input language to enter language selection menu
  4. search languages with their names, select a language then press to select language and launch the app. (you may also press cmd + enter to set the selected language as default language)

Contributions and Support

I’m new to swift, feel free to make a pull request if you are willing to improve the code quality or its functions.


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