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Prolo Counter

Prolo Counter is a very simple counter application, developed for WatchOS using SwiftUI.

Some features

  • Increment and decrement the counter with vibration feedback.

  • Works offline, using a local JSON file to store data.

  • Has a complication that shows the actual counter in the home screen of Apple Watch.

  • Has a custom application icon.

To see more in action, take a look at the little demonstration video below.


ProloCounter Video


Just clone this repository with:

git clone

Open it in XCode:

XCode Print

And them you can select what Apple Watch simulator (or a physical one) you want to run the application.

I developed specificaly for a Apple Watch Series 6 44mm. Others may not work fine!

If you have any questions, contact me.

Thanks for reeding this.

Author: André Prolo


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