liveview-native-avkit is an add-on library for LiveView Native. It adds AVKit support for video playback and other audiovisual capabilities.


Add this library as a package to your LiveView Native application’s Xcode project using its repo URL. Then, create an AggregateRegistry to include the provided AVKitRegistry within your native app builds:

import SwiftUI
import LiveViewNative
+ import LiveViewNativeAVKit
+ struct MyRegistry: CustomRegistry {
+     typealias Root = AppRegistries
+ }
+ struct AppRegistries: AggregateRegistry {
+     typealias Registries = Registry2<
+         MyRegistry,
+         AVKitRegistry<Self>
+     >
+ }

struct ContentView: View {
-     @StateObject private var session: LiveSessionCoordinator<EmptyRegistry> = {
+     @StateObject private var session: LiveSessionCoordinator<AppRegistries> = {
        var config = LiveSessionConfiguration()
        config.navigationMode = .enabled
        return LiveSessionCoordinator(URL(string: "http://localhost:4000/")!, config: config)

    var body: some View {
        LiveView(session: session)

To render a video player within a SwiftUI HEEx template, use the VideoPlayer element with a url:

defmodule MyAppWeb.AVKitLive do
  use Phoenix.LiveView
  use LiveViewNative.LiveView

  @impl true
  def render(%{platform_id: :swiftui} = assigns) do
      <VideoPlayer url="" />

LiveView Native AVKit screenshot

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