Manage your Synology DownloadStation tasks right from your Mac’s native app and Safari/Chrome extension. screenshot

The app was initially developed by myself and for myself.
Then, for some time, it was the paid app, and I developed it following the customers' feature requests.

Since 2022, the Paddle platform I used for distributing the app, stopped working with sellers from Russia so I stopped working on this app.
Now in 2023 I decided to open-source it as is so you can use it for free.

I don't think I will actively improve the app by myself, but PRs for adding new features or fixing bugs are welcomed.


SynologyDSManager is the macOS application for your Synology Download Station working in 2023 on both macOS Ventura and Safari 16 (needs extra testing). Apple Silicon M1 is also supported.

Embedded Synology Download Station Safari Extension allows you to add new download tasks right from your Safari browser in just one click (may not work with some wesbites which are using JavaScript to start the downloading).



  • your Synology Download Station connection credentials are securely stored in macOS keychain;
  • 2-step authentication (2FA) support;
  • activate the Safari Extension to easily add new Synology Download Station tasks right from Safari;
  • select any shared folder as the download destination;
  • hide Dock icon option;


  • submit new Synology Download Station download tasks right from your Mac;
  • simultaneously specify up to multiple torrent-files and/or direct download URLs;


  • search for new torrens right from the application;

  • submit the search results as new Synology Download Station tasks in just one click;

  • Chrome extension (companion).



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