Mac OS menu bar application to view SLT internet usage details.


Screenshot of menu bar app

  • View Day time/Total remaining, used and total data
  • View VAS Package usages
  • Configure to any personal subscription

Supported Subscriptions

SLT offers multiple subscription types. OhMySLT supports following subscription types:

  • Day/Night Packages
  • Anytime Packages
  • Unlimited Packages

How to setup

  1. Clone the the repository.
  2. Open Xcode project.
  3. Select destination as Any Mac (Menu -> Product -> Destination -> Any Mac (Apple Silicon/intel)).
  4. Archive the project (Menu -> Product -> Archive).
  5. Export the application by selecting Distribute App followed by Copy App.
  6. Move the exported application to the Applications folder.


  • Support multiple subscriptions
  • View owner details
  • Change Total Usage in to Night usage for Day/Night packages



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