A way to quickly add a notification icon to a UIView (iOS6 and up).

Language: Obj-C
License: MIT


Notification isn't showing up!

  • If the hub value is < 1, the circle hides. Try calling [increment]
  • Make sure the view you set the hub to is visible (i.e. did you call [self.view addSubview: yourView]?)
  • Make sure you didn't call [hideCount] anywhere. Call [showCount] to counter this

It isn't incrementing / decrementing properly!

  • I've written it so that any count < 1 doesn't show up. If you need help customizing this, reach out to me

The circle is in a weird place

  • If you want to resize the circle, use [scaleCircleSizeBy:]. 0.5 will give you half the size, 2 will give you double
  • If the circle is just a few pixels off, use [moveCircleByX: Y:]. This shifts the circle by the number of pixels given
  • If you want to manually set the circle, call [setCircleAtFrame:] and give it your own CGRect

Something else isn't working properly

  • Send me a tweet @cwRichardKim with #RKNotificationHub so that other people can search these issues too
  • Use github's issue reporter on the right
  • Send me an email [email protected] (might take a few days)