iOS Application based on SwiftUI framework.

Main functionality

  • On main screen fetching current weather data for for current location.
  • Use list of favourite places to follow changes when you need it.
  • Open the map and give a point to fetch current weather information for axact latitude and longitude.
  • Editd your list of follows: delete unnecessary and add desired.
  • Change measurement units between fahrnheit an celsium.

Feature and tech overview

  • Using OpenWeather API to fetch current weather. Decode JSON response data and display on screen.
  • Determine current user location with CoreLocation functionality.
  • Decode coordinate(longitude and latitude) to display actual adress(shorted to show city name).
  • Show MapView powered by Mapkit to find disered location on map.
  • Using CoreData for persis locations of favourite places to follow weater.
  • Add pakege dependency(BottomSheet) to implement bottom sheet functionality for iOS under iOS 16.
  • Use converted from SVG code to draw shapes.
  • Create custom element like TabBar, NavigationBar and other more.
  • Create smooth transition animation with geometry reader detection.
  • Use Async/Await syntax to treat necessary tasks on backgroud and back to MainActor for update UI elements.
  • Add peace of Combine framework functionality to search bar.
  • Add some snow animation with SpriteKit Scene, just for to emphasize the overall atmosphere and theme of app.

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